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  • Mowing Your Grass The Ideal Height 07/09/2016

    When it comes to mowing your lawn, the height is more of a compromise allowing you to achieve the desired lawn. This also allows room for the grass to be healthy. Due to this, you can now be able to mow the lawn close but there are factors that need to be considered. They include warmth, moderate sunshine, moderate rainfall and adequate fertilizer.

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  • When Should You Mow Your Lawn 22/08/2016

    When and how often should you be cutting the grass?

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  • Grass Cutting Guide With Tips and Tricks 22/07/2016

    Mowing the lawn no longer needs to be such a headache when you follow these few simple tricks and tips.

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  • Mowing Wet Or Long Grass 15/07/2016

    Sometimes we have no choice but to let a lawn get too long and/or wet, and then we need to struggle to get it back down to a manageable state. Here are a few tips to help you, your lawn, and your mower in these situations:

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  • Mowing Lawn Edges 11/07/2016

     Mowing the lawn edges is a task that is often overlooked. Two types are known – open and closed edges. The open edges are usually exposed on one side that is along the borders. Closed edges occur where another surface begins where the lawn stops for example the patio.

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