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  • Washing Machine Prices 20/11/2013

    The price of an average washing machine today is hardly more expensive than buying a washing machine twenty or so years ago.  The big difference though is in the quality and the time the machine will last before breaking down oreven  needing to be replaced.

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  • How much should I pay for a new washing machine? 18/11/2013

    That question is just like asking how long is a piece of string, almost impossible to answer.You should first of all: 

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  • Average Use of your Washing Machine 08/11/2013

    In order to produce washing machines that we want to buy, the manufacturers all carry out their research into how, when, where and how often we use our washing machines and how often we replace them.

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  • Load sizes for Washing Machines 06/11/2013

    It seems to be more common for manufacturers to claim they have a larger load capacity in the washing machines, up to 8 Kg.  The way they market these machines is that this higher load capacity is a good thing, and is definitely something that you should be looking for.

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  • Washing Machine Programme Times 05/11/2013

    If you have recently purchased a new washing machine, you may be asking the same question as everyone else in your position – why is my wash taking so much longer to complete, and what can I do about it?

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