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  • Are Steam Washing Machines a good idea? 01/11/2013

    Innovation in normal appliances continues to make improvements and even to break new ground, which is a really good thing.  However, there are some innovations which do not transfer from one type of appliance to another, and it would seem as though this could be the case with the advent of the steam washing machine.  It maybe that in a few years’ time, this may become the norm as far as washing machines are concerned, but at the present moment, the results don’t reflect the hype.

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  • Why do washing machines have a fast wash facility? 28/10/2013

    When people are looking to purchase a new washing machine they very often think that a Fast Wash is a very desirable option.  If you read the various manufacturers’ handbooks, there is really no description of what you should expect from this Fast Wash.  In truth, the Manufacturers generally provide this programme cycle due to consumer demand.

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  • Washing Machine Spin Speeds 22/10/2013

    At one time, the average spin speed was about 500 rpm, with a few of the machines going up to a spin speed of 800 rpm.  As you know with modern washing machines, spin speeds can go up to 1600 rpm of even higher.

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  • Choice of Washing Machines in Fitted Kitchens 17/10/2013

    If you are currently thinking of updating your kitchen, you will generally have a good idea of how you want it to look.  If you expect to have your washing machine in the kitchen, there are a few options available to you, some of which are more successful than others.  There are also quite wide price variations to consider.

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  • Washing Machines with Hot Fill 14/10/2013

    At first impression, it would seem that if you are lucky enough to have a sustainable source of ‘on tap’ hot water available, it might make sense to have a hot fill washing machine.  A sustainable source of hot water would come from sources such as solar panels or geo-thermals, which are becoming more and more achievable for many people.  

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