Review: Simply-fitted 'pattern' hinge-pin sockets 5 stars

Door Hinge Guide Late Hotpoint

Door Hinge Guide Late Hotpoint by Yourspares 5 out of 5 stars

Non genuine spare part suitable for selected Hotpoint appliances.

£3.99 High Stock Levels

Normally £4.65

One of the original hinge-pin sockets failed because a badly-rusting screw weakened it until it split: allowing the door to fall off.
Luckily, it missed the feet of the elderly tumble-dryer user, as it fell from a height of about 1.5 metres : the dryer sits on top of a washing machine.
At £3.49, these were the cheapest pair of 'pattern' guides or pin-sockets that I found on the web, Nov 2012: actually cheaper than buying a single one.
My thorough inspection convinces me they are comparable in quality and fit to the original.
As the other glass-to-door retaining clips were also broken by the heavy impact onto the floor, I bought replacements for them at the same time: part QUADR25 at £2.69 for a pair.
I have to admit that I didn't notice the door-catch's glass-retaining 'ears' had also been snapped off. But I managed to repair these by firstly drilling two pairs of holes into the ample plastic, where the ears used to protude. I then made two stiff-wire staples; and fitted them into the drilled holes, angled slightly to follow glass rim. These now successfully retain the glass bowl, like spring-clips.
There is actually a 'Door Latch Plate' offered at £8.51: part C00168285 which would have saved much time, if only I'd spotted those broken ears before I ordered the other parts!

11 Nov 2012 by Stephen

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