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  • Teeth Cleaning Guide How To Keep Your Teeth Clean 08/06/2016

    After every meal, when you don’t brush your teeth, a film of bacteria known as plaque coats the surface of your teeth. This has been found to contribute to gum disease and tooth decay. According to experts, brushing your teeth after meals helps to stop plaque buildup. When brushing, it is wise to ensure the surface of the teeth is clean.

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  • Universal cooker control knobs for hobs and cookers fitting guide 13/11/2015

    This guide runs through how to replace cooker control knobs for hobs and cookers using a universal parts.

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  • Mobile PA Amplifier User Manual 26/03/2015

    User manual for Adastra MPA12 Mobile PA amplifier.

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  • How to replace the curved handle/wand on a Miele vacuum cleaner 26/02/2015

    This guide shows how to change the handle on a Miele vacuum cleaner

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  • How To Detect Carbon Monoxide 25/02/2014

    Carbon monoxide is actually very common and occurs whenever a fuel (gas, oil, coal and so on) are not burned fully. The problem with carbon monoxide, however, is that even very low levels can be fatal to humans. It is often described as the silent killer, because it is invisible, has not taste and no smell. This is why it is important to know how to detect carbon monoxide, since you want to make sure that anyone in your space, be that home or office, is safe. Carbon monoxide is created by any device that burns fuel that is malfunctioning. However, there are also some devices that you may not recognize as appliances that can produce carbon monoxide, including washing machines. Every year, hundreds of people die because they don't know how to detect carbon monoxide. The problem is that slow exposure to carbon monoxide can be just as dangerous, because it can lead to serious and permanent damage, including vascular damage in the body. You must therefore learn how to detect carbon monoxide. This little amount of essential knowledge will give you the opportunity to truly save lives.

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