Causes Of Bad Breath And It's Treatment

So then, what exactly is the cause of this?

Well, bad breath can be caused by several things, which more often than not, is simply poor oral hygiene. Bacteria cramming up inside your mouth will end up producing toxins which will in turn lead to bad breath.

What bacteria does, is that it breaks food down, so all pieces, if any, of food that are stuck between your teeth will all be broken down and this may result in bad breath

Ceaseless bad breath could as well be a symptom of having a gum disease. Ingestion of certain kinds of foods that have strong scents, the likes of garlic and onions, can as well lead to bad breath, which is similar in the case of alcohol consumption as well as smoking.

Occasionally, one may get bad breath after an illness or infection due to consumption of particular types of medicines.

Bad breath treatment and prevention.

An improvement in the sector of oral hygiene is more often enough a solution to bad breath and can keep it from occurring another time.

In order that you may improve on your oral health, ensure that:

On a daily basis, you floss between teeth.

You, on a regular basis, brush teeth and gums.

You regularly clean your gums.

When medical advice is sought

If you have already made changes to improve your oral hygiene with little success, visit your dentist, dental therapist or your dental hygienist first.

Likewise, you may require to pay your GP a visit seeing as there just could be a medical reason that requires investigation.

Don’t attempt to mask the bad breath when on your way to visit your specialist. This may conceal the reason why it is occurring in the first place.

Am I suffering from bad breath?

It is really hard to tell on your own. Others may notice but be uncomfortable with relaying the information.

You can find out though, lick your wrist’s inside using the back of your tongue, let the saliva dry then take a whiff. If it smells bad, then probably so does your breath.



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