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  • Cooker Hood Buying Guide 25/04/2013

    Advice on which Cooker Hood to Buy 

    As you know there are many types and styles of cooker hoods available on the market.  Before you go out to start to look for such an appliance you should think about the following first:


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  • Cooker Hood Extraction Problems 22/03/2013

    Cooker/Oven Hood not Extracting

    You will not be surprised to learn that it is very common to find that cooker or oven hoods do not extract cooking smells as expected. Unfortunately, if you have a budget model this is really not unexpected, all looks and no substance!  They are not built to be strong enough to actually do what they’re supposed to.  

    If you have purchased one of these it would be worthwhile to go back to the retailer, as they should have a good explanation of why they even stock these shoddy items.  However, as the product sold is not fit for purpose, you should be entitled to a full refund, or an upgraded product.     



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  • Cooker Hood Fault Checker 20/03/2013

    Finding faults on your Extractor Hood

    It is fair to say that extractor hoods are relatively simple in their design and don’t exhibit that many faults.

    If you decide to have a look at this yourself, please remember the safety mantra and before you do anything, disconnect the extractor from the mains electricity supply.

    If you are not that comfortable with looking at problems with electrical equipment, there will be many local engineers who will be happy to help you.


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  • Common Cooker Hood/Extractor Problems, Faults/Fixes And Maintenance 14/12/2012

    Common cooker hood problems

    A cooker hood is primarily designed to dissipate any odors that are caused while food is being cooked. It can also help remove any airborne grease that may be created during the cooking process. This is essentially an uncomplicated system and usually cooker hood problems are restricted to issues concerning the motor, main control board, or the lighting system. Ensuring proper cooker hood maintenance is probably the best way to make sure that your appliance performs at maximum capacity without any problems. Generally speaking, there are very few cooker hood problems that are actually related to component failures. Most complaints including the ever popular complaint – “My cooker does not extract quickly enough” are usually related to cooker hood maintenance and installation issues. There are however a few issues that can crop up from time to time.



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