Dark colours with spots of colour from washing machine

You may have noticed that some of your dark garments have spots of different colour on them, some larger than others, when removing your laundry from the washing machine.  There are very few causes for this problem, none of which are caused by a fault in the washing machine itself.

Unfortunately, the problems are more than likely caused by the operator, i.e. you.  Among these are:

  • Overloading the machine.  This is especially true if you use a powder detergent and not quite so common if you use a liquid or gel cap detergent.   What happens when you overload the machine is that it is impossible for the detergent to be evenly dispersed among the garments, resulting in some items not being cleaned at all, and others having too much detergent, resulting in the bleaching effect that is much more noticeable on darker garments
  • Overloading the machine is counter productive, not only could you cause a problem with the appliance itself, but none of your clothes are washed or rinsed properly due to the detergent not being dispersed properly in the mass of garments.  This may result in the damage identified above, but you will need to split the wash down and run at least two washes to get your laundry clean.
  • The affected garment may have come into contact with household bleach before you have loaded your machine.  It is even possible that garments have been marked if they are placed on a recently bleached work surface.

Unfortunately, once the garment has been ‘bleached’ in this way, it is not possible to recover the original colour.  Even if you try to dye the garment, it is not likely that the dye will have an even finish and will end up with a patchy appearance.






Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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