Dishwasher Backfilling Problems

Dishwasher Filling with Dirty or Waste Water 

The dishwasher fills with water when switched off, or fills with dirty water – this is probably one of the most common problems with a dishwasher. It can happen overnight, or you may notice it if you have been away for a few days.  It can sometimes become apparent if you are using your dishwasher more than usual, maybe at Christmas when the family have been to stay.There is always the option this could be a problem with the valve, but it is generally a far more simple solution to the problem.Its very unpleasant when you find stale water inside your dishwasher, especially when you know you correctly turned it off after use.  If not noticed quickly this will result in a very unpleasant smell!Please be aware that even though your Dishwasher may be under Warranty, or Extended Warranty, it is best to check out a few things prior to calling in an Engineer under your Warranty, as it may well be that you will be charged if the problem is not related to the actual dishwasher.

Causes for a Dishwasher to backfill:

Unfortunately, the dirty water will be contaminated with various detritus, including oil, grease, food particles etc.  As you can imagine, this is what causes the machine to smell.There is only one main cause for this problem, and that is the dishwasher has not been installed correctly.  

If you installed the machine yourself, then you have probably connected it up as you have in the past, but this is not the case with more modern machines, and it cannot be stressed enough that you need to follow the installation instructions to the letter, otherwise you can end up with this problem.It is even more annoying if you have paid someone to install the dishwasher on your behalf – some installers seem to be allergic to reading any manufacturers details, they work on the assumption that they know everything, the ’you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ syndrome. 

You will need to recall the fitter concerned, and make sure they refit it properly, following the Manufacturer’s instructions this time. Ensure this will be carried out free of charge, as you’ve already paid them once and you won’t be paying anything further. As mentioned above, if the dishwasher has been installed correctly and is not the cause of the problem, you may be one of the very few people who do have a problem with the machine itself, in which case you will certainly be able to claim for the repair to be carried out under the terms of any Warranty or Extended Warranty you have on the machine.


Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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