Dishwasher Detergents Advice

Detergent Options 

As with anything, the best you can afford is the way to go.  Cheapest may be better for your purse, but is not always going to give you the cleanest dishes.There are various types of product you can buy – liquid, tablets or gel caps, and generally it is a trial an error basis until you find the best results for your specific dishwasher model. The hardness of the water in your area may also direct you to using a particular type of detergent.

One thing to bear in mind is that if you use the tablet options, these may not fully dissolve without using a full programme.  The economy programmes can be too short and also not hot enough, and you may end up with a sticky mess inside the dispenser which can be very hard to dislodge.  For the shorter programmes it may be a good idea to have a liquid detergent available.

One very important thing to bear in mind is that even though the detergents claim they are 3-in-1, you should also use both dishwasher salt and rinse aid.  It is likely that you will need to lose far less of both if your machine is able to cope with the all in one type of detergent.You will notice a deterioration in shine and sparkle from your glasses and china over time if you do not add the salt and rinse aid when called for by your dishwasher.  

It is uneconomic not to add these from time to time as you will be disappointed with the results.  Please try it and see the difference. 


Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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