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  • Permanent clouding of glassware in the dishwasher 11/07/2013

    The appearance on this effect on your glassware will be milky striations, swirls and rings.  The reason for these marks is that not all glass is of the same standard, and there can be weak spots in the glass which can be damaged after many cycles in a dishwasher.  Unfortunately, these marks are permanent and cannot be removed.The causes of this damage can include:

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  • Glasses left with dirty marks after being washed in Dishwasher 10/07/2013

    When you have washed your glasses in a dishwasher you do not expect them to look marked or dirty, with residues in the bottoms.  This is not the fault of your dishwasher but can be caused by any one of the following:

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  • Dishwasher leaving glassware spotted and filmy 09/07/2013

    Sometimes your glassware will be left with white spots or an overall white colour film after a dishwasher cycle.  You will, however, be pleased to know that this filming or spotting can be removed by wiping your glassware with an acidic solution of something like vinegar.  You will obviously need to handwash the glassware carefully afterwards  to get rid of the lingering smell of vinegar

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  • Dishwasher causing patterns to fade on glassware 05/07/2013

    It is disappointing when you notice that the pattern or colour of your favourite glasses are fading. You will really become aware of this if you compare an older glass with one you have recently purchased.This fading is usually caused by one of the following or, more likely, a combination of all three:

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  • Pitting of Cutlery in a Dishwasher 04/07/2013

    You may notice that small hollows or pitting are visible on the surface of your cutlery, these marks may also be surrounded by a rust mark.  These marks can be caused by:

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