Fabrics changing colour in my washing machine

I am sure we have all had a similar reaction when emptying a washing machine load to find that a brand new piece of sportswear or underwear  has changed colour from the original brilliant white.

The main problem is not with the washing machine itself, but the material of the spoilt items, usually a nylon or elastomine base.  

The reason behind this is that some clothing leaks a small amount of dye in the washing solution, which does not generally have an effect on the other clothes.  The problem only arises when you are washing the material indicated above.

Unfortunately, once the items have been marked, it is impossible to bring them back to their original colour.

The only thing you can do to avoid this in the future is to either handwash these items or wash together in the machine as a separate load.  

Before you load your clothes in the machine, you should check the labels and use the lowest temperature indicated, even if it is for only one item.  Using this practice should protect your washing normally.





Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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