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  • How to Rescue Food if your Freezer Stops Working 14/04/2023

  • Fridge And Freezer Buying Guides 23/04/2013

    Advice on which Fridge Freezer you should buy

    The most important thing to do when you decide to either buy a new or replace your old fridge freezer is your budget.  You should also have an idea in mind of the style of appliance you want.  There are a few options available:

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  • Fault Finding and Repairs for Fridge and/or Freezers 11/04/2013

    As usual, before you can start to talk about repairs, the very first thing you must do is to disconnect your appliance from the mains electrical supply.  This is obviously very important whatever electrical appliance you wish to repair, but it is far more important when dealing with a large item, such as a fridge freezer, especially when you add in the potential for water to be included in the scenario.  At the very least you would receive a major shock, but a shock of this size can also be fatal.  You have been warned.  

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  • Basic Care for Fridges and/or Freezers, and Fridge Freezers 10/04/2013

    Installing a Fridge or Freezer or Fridge Freezer

    First thing you should do is to carefully read the manufacturer’s manual on both how your new appliance works and, especially, the correct way to install the appliance.  Make sure you have allowed space for adequate ventilation, more especially with a built-in or integrated model.

    Not allowing sufficient ventilation will cause the appliance to overheat and result in a bill to rectify the situation.  Remember that you will be liable for this repair bill, as if the installation is not carried out to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you will be responsible for any costs.


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  • A Guide To How Freezers and Fridges Work 09/04/2013

    How Fridges and Freezers Work

    Apart from the odd few, most people are not that interested in how refrigeration systems work, other than to try to understand what is causing a specific problem with their own appliance.

    In very basic terms, your domestic refrigeration appliance is controlled by a simple heat exchanger along the lines of a heat pump.  However, with modern fridge freezers, technology is now much more advanced and, especially the double door American style fridge freezers, are far more complex.



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