Fridges and Fridge Freezers Problems

There are a few problems that could arise with your fridge, freezer or fridge freezer that you may be able to resolve yourself, with care.  

Bear in mind that anytime you are carrying out a repair to any electrical appliance you must ensure that the mains power is disconnected before any work is carried out.  This is true for all electrical appliances, but even more critical when you are dealing with both electricity and water as with your fridge, freezer or fridge freezer.  Seriously, unless you do disconnect the electrical power, you could be badly hurt or even killed.


Frost Free Appliances 

The main difference between the frost free fridge or freezer and the normal appliance is that to defrost a normal freezer, you simply turn off the power to carry out the defrosting operation.  

With the frost free appliance, in order to avoid frost building up, any frost that is formed will trigger the small heater located within the freezer compartment, and the resulting liquid will be drawn away to run down to a defrost channel.

With normal use of either the fridge or freezer, inevitably crumbs and escaping peas will find their way into the defrost channel, causing a blockage.  Once there is a blockage, ice will form and the frost free system will stop.  If this happens, just gently remove the blockage.  

Gently is the word, never use any metal implement to try and clear any ice or debris from you appliance.  A warm cloth should gradually remove the ice, and you can then easily clear the blockage.You will find that any warranty or insurance conditions will be forfeit if you cause any punctures to the surface of the compartment, as this will be recognised as owner error, as opposed to a problem with the appliance.  Not only will this leave you to pay the full costs of any repair or even cost you a complete replacement.

Freezer Problems

One thing to be aware of is the usual way to find out there is a problem with the freezer is that the food will start to feel soft.  Unfortunately, this means that even if you get the freezer back on line quickly, the food has already been spoiled.  Cook a much of it as you can, as once it has been cooked, you will be able to re-freeze when your freezer is back in action.  Any other food that you can’t find a home for amongst your friends and families, will have to be disposed of in the dustbin.

Your freezer could be over-frosted and simply needs to be defrosted completely, once this is done, the freezer could start working again.  If the power has been interrupted, you should first of all check the plug is wired correctly and that the fuse is working.  If that is alright, you should check that power is actually reaching the socket itself, you can do this by plugging in another appliance that you know is working.  If you do have a problem with the wall socket, you will probably need the services of an electrician, rather than an engineer.

It is fair to say that unless you are a capable person, apart from some minor problems as detailed above, you will probably need to call on the services of an engineer to solve the fault for you.

Obviously if it is a fairly new product this should be covered under your Manufacturer’s Guarantee, or you may have an extended Warranty that should also cover you for an appliance fault.






Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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