How to change the door glass on a washing machine

  1. Washing Machine
    How to change the door glass on a washing machine
  2. Safety first remove plug from mains socket
    Safety First
  3. Tools required are a Phillips screwdriver and an 8mm spanner
    Door glass tools
  4. Using phillips screwdriver remove screw and door seal perimeter retaining band
    doorseal 1
  5. Pull back door seal and using the 8mm spanner remove 2 bolts and remove door
    Door hinge attached
  6. Using phillips screwdriver remove the screws from door handle and glass clamps
    Door handle removal
  7. Image of clamps removed
    Door handle screws removed
  8. Using 8mm spanner remove 2 bolts, remove hinge and door glass
    Door hinge removed
  9. Take your new glass from its package ensuring its correct one for the appliance
    Door glass image
  10.  Place your door reverse side up ready for reassembly 
    Door image reverse 1
  11. Fit handle and new door glass and secure with phillips screwdriver
    Door glass 2
  12. Replace door hinge secure with 8mm spanner do not over tighten 
    Door hinge removal
  13. Replace door on appliance secure with 2 bolts and refit door seal to outer shell
    Door hinge attached
  14. Refit door seal perimeter retaining band and replace phillips screw
    doorseal 1

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Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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