How to choose the best detergent for your washing machine

When you have spent a lot of time selecting your new washing machine, you
obviously want to make sure that it produces the results you are looking for.

One of the most important things you can do is to buy the best detergent option for
your machine. If you check through your Manufacturer’s handbook, they may well
recommend a particular brand. They may also provide a sample of this product with
the machine for you to try.


Obviously this should not limit your choice, and cost can be a big factor. The price of
a particular detergent does not necessarily mean that it will either be good or bad for
your particular model.
Most people try out one or two different options and brands before they settle on
a detergent for their machine. These days there are far more options available for

  • Liquids – with or without a dispenser
  • Liquid tabs
  • Powder
  • Bio, non-bio, specifically for sensitive skin etc.

You obviously choose a bio or non-bio product for instance to meet the needs of
your family. Fortunately, the choice in this range is wider than ever, and you should
be able to find the exact one you need.

As for whether you go the powder or liquid route is more of a personal preference.
Apart from the liquid tabs, which come in a specific doseage, you need to be careful
to gauge the correct amount of product for your washing progammes.

In general, modern washing machines use less water in washing programmes. This
has been designed to help lessen the impact on the environment. This could mean
that the amount of powder/liquid you used in your old machine may be too much for
your new model.

It will probably be a bit of a trial and error at the beginning, but you should soon get
to grips with the amount you need for specific washes. Guidance is provided on the
products themselves, incuding the measured liquid tabs, which should help.

If you are using too much product, particularly powder, this will start to form a residue
in the soap box. If this happens, reduce the amount of powder you use, remove the
soap box and give it a good clean. However, if you have really been using too much
powder, not only is this a waste of money, but it can also cause you problems.

If you continue to use too much washing powder, a residue can form into a horrible
sticky mass in the machine and, after a time, you will be able to detect a nasty smell.
If untreated, this smell just keeps on getting worse. If left for too long, this mass can
even start to eat into the machine parts and you will end up with a very big bill, or
even have to replace the washing machine all over again. Just locate this residue in
your machine and clean thoroughly. Checking over the machine occasionally is also
a good idea.

Don’t worry, this only happens in rare cases – the nasty smell will definitely give you
a clue that something is wrong.
If you overdose with a liquid product, it is less likely to cause the effect above, but it
will be harder for the machine to completely rinse your laundry, and may leave the
clothes with a slightly sticky feel.
All you need to do is to check that you have the correct product and used in the right
amount, your washing machine will give you a good service.

Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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