How to replace a washing machine drum paddle/lifter

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    How to replace a washing machine drum paddle/lifter
  2. Safety first remove plug from mains socket.
    Safety First
  3. Tools required are a Phillips screwdriver and a small flat head screwdriver.
    Drum paddle tools
  4. Showing drum paddle with several holes on the top 
    Ariston drum paddle 1
  5. On this model choose the 6th hole back & insert the phillips screwdriver.
    Ariston drum paddle 2
  6. Press down a hidden metal tab but not to firmly.
    Ariston drum paddle 2
  7. Pull the drum paddle towards you.
    Ariston drum paddle 3
  8. remove the drum paddle
    Ariston drum paddle 4
  9. Using a flat head screwdriver and lift the metal tab previously pushed down
    Ariston drum paddle 5
  10. Make sure the metal tab is just above the surface of the drum
    Ariston drum paddle 6
  11. Tab just above drum surface
    Ariston drum paddle 9
  12. Take the new drum paddle from its package ensuring its correct for the appliance
    Ariston drum paddle image
  13. Locate the new drum paddle into the drum.
    Ariston drum paddle 7
  14. Now push the drum paddle back until it clicks into place.
    Ariston drum paddle 8
  15. Drum paddle in place & appliance ready for use.
    Ariston drum paddle 1

    See the full range of washing machine drum paddles here

Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.

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  • Thanks for explicit instructions for removing drum paddle. After persevering I had already removed it , but the tab is under the 7th from the back, thanks anyway.

    17 Apr 2013 by john

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