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How to replace the curved handle/wand on a Miele vacuum cleaner

  1. Vacuum Cleaner
    How to replace the curved handle/wand on a Miele vacuum cleaner
  2. How to replace Miele vacuum cleaner curved handle/wand
    Miele curved handle
  3. Tools required: Craft knife
    Cfaft knife
  4. The handle you receive will contain 3 parts
    Miele curved handle 
  5. Take the existing hose and check to see if there is any damage
    Miele hose damaged end 1
  6. If the hose looks like this we advise cutting back to remove damage
    Miele hose damaged end 2
  7. Using a sharp knife cut the hose
    Miele hose damaged end 3
  8. Push the collar onto the hose' make sure the part is facing the right way
    Miele hose with collar 1
  9. Collar in correct possition
    Miele hose with collar 2
  10. Boil some water and half fll a cup or container
    Kettle & cup
  11. Dip the end of the hose into hot water to soften
    Miele hose & cup
  12. Screw the threaded end onto the hose in an anti-clockwise direction
    Miele threaded end 1
  13. Screw the threaded end fullyonto the hose
    Miele threaded end 2
  14. The collar and threaded end are now in position
    Miele hose & curved end
  15. Insert the hose with threaded end into the curved handle
    Miele hose & curved end 2
  16. Hose pushed fully into the curved handle
    Miele hose & curved end 3
  17. Now slide the collar up the hose and into the handle making sure the clips on the collar line up with the slots on the handle and clip into place
    Miele hose & curved end 4
  18. The hose and curved handle are now assembled and ready for use

Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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