How to replace the motor on a Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner

  1. Vacuum Cleaner
    How to replace the motor on a Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner
  2. Safety first remove the plug from the mains socket
    safety first
  3. Tools required Phillips screwdriver
  4. Release the 2 side clips and separate the cleaner.
    Henry Image
  5. Turn the motor housing upside down.
    Henry 2
  6. Using the phillips screwdriver remove 4 screws
    Henry 3
  7. Carefully turn the motor housing the right way up and remove the outer casing. 
    Henry 4
  8. Outer casing removed.
    Henry 5
  9. Remove the cable spool.
    Henry 6
  10. Cable spool removed
    Henry 7
  11. Using the phillips screwdriver Remove 3 screws.
    Henry 8
  12. Remove the blanking cover.
    Henry 10
  13. Remove the switch from the housing.
    Henry 11
  14. Make a note of the wires ( A photograph is useful) and remove them. 
    Henry 12
  15. Remove the motor casing.
    Henry 9
  16. Lift and remove the motor.
    Henry 13
  17. Motor removed
    Henry 14
  18. Remove the 2 rubber buffers and set aside
    Henry 15
  19. Rubber buffers removed
    Henry 16
  20. Take the new motor from its package ensuring its correct for the appliance.
    Henry Motor
  21. Fit rubber buffers to new motor.
    Henry 15
  22. Place new motor into base
    Henry 13
  23. Replace motor casing ensuring no wires are trapped
    Henry 17
  24. Refit and tighten 3 screws
    Henry 8
  25. Refit the wires to the switch and fit the switch back into its housing.
    Henry 18
  26. Refit the blanking cover.
    Henry 19
  27. Blanking plate in place
    Henry 20
  28. Replace 4 roller wheels
    Henry 21
  29. Roller wheels in position
    Henry 22
  30. Carefully replace cable spool.
    Henry 23
  31. Replace outer casing
    Henry 4
  32. Replace outer casing and relocate cable entry.
    Henry 24
  33. Turn motor housing upside down and replace 4 screws and tighten.
    Henry 3
  34. Replace motor housing onto base and secure
    Henry Image
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Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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