Mowing Your Grass The Ideal Height

When it is mowed during this time, it is able to recover quickly and grows to be healthy. If the conditions were changed to highly stressful ones for example drought, heat and constant drenching, you will have to perform a high mowing for your lawn to survive.

  • What you need to know is that to achieve the best results when it comes to your lawn, you need to let the weather and seasons be your guide. Here is a simple tip to help you remember always. Using your three fingers which form a ‘W’, you can remember your mowing height as follows. An example of a low use lawn has been used.Start by raising the height before spring – that is 1 ½ inches which coincides with the first upright of ‘W’.
  • As spring warms up, lower the height – that is ¾ inches and should coincide with the first bottom point of the ‘W’.
  • On a dry summer, raise the height – that is 1 ½ inches and should coincide with the middle point of ‘W.’
  • In early autumn, lower the height again – that is ¾ inches and should coincide with the second bottom of ‘W.’
  • Just before winter, lower the height since this time it start to raise again – that is 11/2 inches and should coincide with the last upright of ‘W.’

Lawn Mowing Heights – The Guide

  • For ornamental lawns that do not have rye grass, the height should be 3/8 inches to ¾ inches.
  • For low use lawns that do or don’t have rye grass, the height should be ¾ inches to 1 ½ inches.
  • For lawns that use rye grass heavily, the height should be 1 to 2 inches
  • For shady areas, you need to add 50% to the height of the lawn.
  • For the slopes, you need to also add 50% as they dry faster
  • For a lawn having moss on it, the height should be lowered to ½ inches above the moss height.
  • During a stressful period for example extreme wet or hot conditions, mow as high as possible. If in doubt, you can mow high. Exercise gentleness when doing so.

It is wise to make adjustments to the mowing height in stages. For example, if you require two stop settings from summer height to early autumn height, you can mow one setting lower for two cuts.Grass Height

It is important to remember that you need only to lower the height if this does not result in stress to your mower. Make sure that the grass is not long or wet. If the lawn is dense, cut the grass at the present setting. This should be followed by a cut at a lower height after two days.




Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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