Tumble Dryer Installation Guide

Tumble Dryer Installation Guide

First – What type of dryer to choose

Everyone has different requirements they are looking for in a dryer, but a lot of people don’t realise that where you intend to site your dryer is very important.  Each type of dryer needs to be in an area where there is a free flow of air to allow the cool air to be taken into the appliance to start the drying process.  However, the temperature of the area where your dryer will be installed is also important.  


Too low temperature: If the temperature drops very low during a winter period, a condenser or heat pump tumble dryer will not work.  Even worse, sometimes you think its working as the motor comes on and the clothes are rotated in the drum but unfortunately the dryer is unable to heat up sufficiently to dry the clothes. This is because instead of the water condensing in the condenser of the dryer, it will start to condense on other cold surfaces within the dryer. In order for this type of dryer to work correctly the room temperature must be at least 5 Deg C.  You may have a dryer with an electronic display, which will indicate the temperature is too low and the appliance will not work at all. 


A vented tumble dryer is far more able to cope with much lower temperatures, but even they may struggle at times, especially if it is located in a garage or out building.

Too high temperature: Although this is not a very common problem, if your dryer is in too small a space with little ventilation, the result will be that the dryer is unable to get a cold enough surface to condense the moisture in the warm air.Again a vented dryer can cope with higher temperatures, as long as the vent can at least release air out of a window.


In order for any type of tumble dryer to work as efficiently as possible, it is vital there is a good supply of temperate air – neither too hot nor too cold. 

The dryer has to take air in that is cooler than the air within the tumble dryer.  This air must then be expelled once it is heated, either through a condenser or from a vent.

You must bear in mind that you should not put any type of dryer, particularly a condenser dryer, into too confined a space.  You cannot, for instance, set it in a cupboard with the door closed  – in fact, a condenser tumble dryer will not work at all in those conditions. You should have at least a 3 sq.m of space, with a supply of fresh air.  An open door to an adjacent room with an open window will suffice at a pinch.

pinch.Hence the comments at the beginning of this article, you should purchase the type of tumble dryer that you are confident will work well in the space you have available.  Once you have made this decision, it will make your final selection much easier.  


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Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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