washing machine bouncing or vibrating

So you have invested in a washing machine or a washer dryer and you now find much to your dismay
that your machine is bouncing all across the place or in other words there are excessive vibrations
in the machine that you have to deal with. Let’s face it, you have spent a bomb on this extremely
necessary gadget and it can indeed be very disappointing to see that the machine is far from giving
a satisfying performance. But you also realise that now that it has been installed there are little
chances of replacement. But the objective of this article is not to make you feel worse about the
problems you are experiencing.

The first step involved in solving the problem of a bouncing washing machine is to diagnose it. Let’s take a
closer look at what can be the reasons behind the excessive vibrations in your washing machine that
are shocking you every single time you try to do a load of clothes in it. There are several reasons
related to the installation or the construction of your washing machine that may be responsible for
the problem in hand. Sometimes however the excessive vibrations may just be caused as a result of
improper placement of the clothes or the fact that the clothes may have lumped up on one side of
your machine.

Possible reason for excessive vibrations

Firstly make sure that the load is alright in your washer. You may have to redistribute the clothes
a few clothes or even take out a few pieces to ensure that there is enough room for movement.
Sometimes excessive vibration may also be caused because you may be under loading your machine.
When you under load your machine, the clothes tend to bunch all up on one side and bang against
the dryer when the machine reaches its spin cycle. So firstly, do make sure that you are placing the
clothes right. If this does not solve your problem, there may be a larger problem at hand such as
improper installation or such.

Here are the things that you can do to rectify this problem of installation. Firstly, check whether
the problem is being caused because the machine is not on level ground. More often than not the
machine tends to vibrate because the surface on which the machine has been place has not been levelled out properly. If this is indeed the case you will notice that as soon as the cycle enters the
spinning mode there is excessive vibration as the water begins to come out of the clothes. Because
this is quite a powerful motion the entire machine tends to wobble and move out of place when
the surface is not level. All you have to do in such a case is get yourself a wench and fix the bottom
corners of the washing machine, to get rid of the bouncing effect in your washing machine.

Levelling problems need to be dealt with

Sometimes the problem may not be with the levelling, but the pedestal on which the washing
machine has been placed. Some manufacturers strongly recommend the use of a pedestal in
washing machines to cut out the problems of the noise and vibrations. If you are using a pedestal
and still find that your washing machine is vibrating excessively, its time for you to check whether or
not the feet of the pedestal are properly touching the ground. If this has been taken care of, check
whether the nuts and bolts that hold the pedestal in place are screwed on tightly enough. Of course
too much of tightening is not recommended either. You have to make sure that the nuts and bolts
are neither too loose nor too tight.

While fixing the washing machine on the pedestal, it is highly recommended that you follow the
instructions in the manual to the last word. Often there are explicit instructions in the manual
that comes with your washing machine that will mention how to place the washing machine on a
pedestal. The connecting bolts are the ones that need to be paid attention if you are using pedestals.
If all of this is place and the problem of excessive vibration continues to persist, its best that you
consider adding some flooring support.

Various ways to create floor support

It is important for you to remember that your washing machine is quite a powerful machine that
completes 900 to 1200 spins in just a minute! Sometimes the flooring of your home may not be
equipped to handle the vibrations of this nature. In order to take care of this you may consider
putting a slab of concrete underneath your washing machine.

If you think that is too expensive an option or just don’t know how you can manage to get a
concrete slab, you may also consider putting plywood underneath the washing machine to ensure
that it remains in place and does not reverberate. If you are thinking of putting plywood underneath,
make sure that it is at least three to four inches in its thickness. This kind of plywood is well
equipped to take care of the vibration as well as the noise reduction of your washing machine. If
plywood does not work for you, you may also consider using heavy rubber mats. Rubber mats are well equipped to absorb vibrations as well as fix the levelling of your floor.

That being said, we must tell you that the problem may not always be the flooring or the levelling.
The reason for the excessive vibration in your washing machine may be caused because the material
used in the construction of the same is cheap and light. These kind of machines tend to depend on
the springs heavily and thus the reverberations are all the more accentuated. Although in the new
crop of machines this problem seems to be taken care of, there are still some manufacturers who
make such cheap machines in order to make a quick buck.

If you are thinking of investing in a washing machine, make sure you conduct enough research about
such things before you go ahead and make a purchase. There are many skilled sales men who will
lead you to believe that the brand of machine that they are selling are the best and the cheapest
available option that you can avail of, but do remember that it may just be a ploy to make a few
dollars more in commission for the sale they might be making to you.

These days it is not in the least difficult to conduct proper research before you buy a washing
machine. You will find enough data on the internet and even comparison charts of each and every
brand of washing machine that is available in the market today. All you have to do is take some time
off and conduct this research to see which the best option for you is. After all it is your own hard
earned money that you will be spending in order to make a big purchase, so make sure you make a
prudent choice.

Disclaimer: The information provided has been prepared as a guide only and the steps taken are likely to vary for different appliance models. We strongly recommend using a qualified engineer to undertake major repairs and fault finding.


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