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Ferrite Inductor

Ferrite Inductor by Ufixt

Series of Ferrite CoilsOf very low DC resistance. Values from 2.2 to 10mH, wound on a ferrite carrier for constructing professional crossover networks of high and medium power rating for individual ...

£12.98 Only 6 Left in Stock

Loudspeaker Capacitor

Loudspeaker Capacitor by Ufixt

£4.06 Only 1 Left in Stock

Loudspeaker Capacitor

Loudspeaker Capacitor by Ufixt

£4.20 Only 2 Left in Stock

Power Resistor

Power Resistor by Ufixt

£3.76 Only 1 Left in Stock

Bassreflex Tube

Bassreflex Tube by Ufixt

£3.25 Only 7 Left in Stock

Damping Material

Damping Material by Ufixt

£30.83 Only 1 Left in Stock

Housing Foot

Housing Foot by Ufixt

£3.25 Only 1 Left in Stock

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Faber EFF54 Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter

Faber EFF54 Carbon Charcoal Cooker Hood Filter 5 stars 5 out of 5

It fitted

Ordered wrong part initially - take care with connection to hob. Returned with no problem - replacement part fitted fine. .

by Mike

Hi Fi Woofer, PP cone - 16cm (6.5"), 85Wrms

Hi Fi Woofer, PP cone - 16cm (6.5"), 85Wrms 4 stars 4 out of 5

Nice sounding mid

I used this as a mid for an old set of Leak 3080s as the cost of repairing the originals was an arm and a leg. It necessitated making a fillet to mount it on, but once in place it matched the X-over and cab characteristics well enough. One advantage of not being a spring chicken any more is the loss of some hearing acuity, but I can still hear crap and this isn't it.
Only one thing - both speakers I ordered arrived with dented rims - the packaging from the factory (a simple cardboard box, layered twice) leaves the rim liable to be bent when the lovingly attendant PO gorillas throw things at the wall. In this case they were easily straightened out, but more severe damage could easily have happened.

by David

Website Reviews

5 stars
21 Jun

Customer service

Inadvertently didn't delete my previous address, and my parcel was dispatched to old address! Read more


5 stars
15 Jun

Delivered on time and working well

Ordered a tumble dryer filter when no-one else had these and manufacturer had ceased trading. First Read more


5 stars
15 Jun

Quick turnaround

Can't fault this company, great service and quick turnaround of order. Would definitely use Read more


5 stars
13 Jun

Mower lever handle

Like-for-like replacement for broken operation handle. Simple job to replace and the trusty mower Read more


5 stars
8 Jun


Excellent service Read more


5 stars
6 Jun

Cuts the grass

Arrived earlier than expected Read more


5 stars
6 Jun

All I needed

The spares Kit for my oven Doo was all that was needed to put it back as good as new. The cost Read more


5 stars
30 May

Good prompt delivery

The universal cooker knobs were despatched by return. Thank you Read more


5 stars
30 May

Good replacement knobs

These knobs were ordered for an old free standing Cannon cooker. Did the job very well. Read more


5 stars
26 May

Tumble dryer fault ( Stats)

Absolutely outstanding service and response time too.. I was very impressed with the delivery Read more


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