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Protective Pad Set (125 Piece)

Protective Pad Set (125 Piece) by Draper

EVA pads with adhesive backing for protecting furniture surfaces, worktops, parquet and laminate flooring etc. Five sizes available. Display packed.

£5.07 In Stock

D572 Brake and Air Line Seal

D572 Brake and Air Line Seal by Draper

Designed for sealing metal pipes and fittings. Product cures due to the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces. Prevents loosening and leakage from shock and vibration. Good ...

£12.31 In Stock

D641 Bearing Fit

D641 Bearing Fit by Draper

Single part anaerobic securing compound, designed for fitting cylindrical metal assemblies and cures when confined between the parts. Will secure all types and sizes of bearings, shafts and ...

£12.15 In Stock

D638 Bush and Sleeve Retainer

D638 Bush and Sleeve Retainer by Draper

Designed to give high strength retention under cyclic loading. Retains full strength and won't suffer fatigue under load stress. Suited for structural components such as cylindrical parts under load, ...

£12.15 In Stock

D2012 Epoxy Structural Adhesive

D2012 Epoxy Structural Adhesive by Draper

Two part, cold curing epoxy resin adhesive. Suitable for bonding a wide range of surfaces including steel, aluminium, and galvanised iron. Reacts within five minutes to give a tough resilient bond. ...

£10.58 In Stock

D515 Flexible Gasket

D515 Flexible Gasket by Draper

Easily applied flexible gasket paste, which forms a tough purple temperature resistant gasket. Its high viscosity and fast curing enables the paste to seal almost any size and shape creating an ...

£12.15 In Stock

D518 Flexible Gasket

D518 Flexible Gasket by Draper

Easily applied flexible gasket paste ideal for aluminium flanges forming a tough red, temperature resistant gasket. Its high viscosity and fast curing enables the paste to seal almost any size and ...

£12.15 In Stock

D542 Hydraulic Seal

D542 Hydraulic Seal by Draper

D542 for metal threaded fittings especially useful on hydraulic pipes. Used on low, medium and high-pressure lines and cures to form a tough high-pressure seal. Ideal for valves, threaded couplings ...

£12.15 In Stock

Liquid PTFE, 50ml

Liquid PTFE, 50ml by Draper

Provides instant seals and cures rapidly. When fully cured it's capable of sealing metal threaded joints up to 350 bar. Perfect for use on metal threads within cold-hot water, gas and compressed air ...

£13.57 In Stock

D574 Multi-Gasket

D574 Multi-Gasket by Draper

Instant gasket material which forms in place, making almost any size and shape, replacing paper, cork etc. Once applied the assembled parts are usually suitable for immediate low pressure (6 bar) ...

£13.88 In Stock

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Arrived quickly

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Miele Vacuum cleaner bags

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12 Nov

Hotpoint freezer drawer

It fits exactly into my hotpoint top free delivery.. all was good ???? Read more


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19 Oct


Was able to pick the right part from the information given. This was then delivered promptly as Read more


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4 Oct

Dust free

A great purchase, fast delivery and a great product. Well done to all of your team for making the Read more


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28 Sep

Long-Handled Bath Brush

Really good length very strong and brush can be used separately from the handle excellent quality Read more


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