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Amaze Dash & Bumper Cleaner 500ml

Amaze Dash & Bumper Cleaner 500ml by actioncan

Renovates vehicle dashboards, plastics and rubber trim back to an “as new” appearance. Amaze is naturally anti-static which reduces dust attraction. Perfumed with a pleasant fresh fragrance.

£9.60 High Stock Levels

SA-90 Contact Spray Adhesive 500ml

SA-90 Contact Spray Adhesive 500ml by actioncan

SA-90 heavy-duty multi-purpose contact spray adhesive is a superior adhesive with flexible repositioning capability, providing right first time results. Delivers a powerful, permanent bond with a ...

£8.98 High Stock Levels

CS-90 Copper Anti-Seize Grease 500ml

CS-90 Copper Anti-Seize Grease 500ml by actioncan

CS-90 is a superior quality copper paste that prevents seizing, corrosion and galling of threaded fasteners even in high-temperature conditions. Formulated with an exceptionally high copper content ...

£9.65 High Stock Levels

AC-90 TwinSpray 500ml

AC-90 TwinSpray 500ml by actioncan

AC-90: the flagship multi-purpose lubricant from Action Can have set the standard for the ‘all-in-one’ product category: effectively lubricating, penetrating, displacing moisture, protecting against ...

£7.17 High Stock Levels

SP-90 Silicone Lubricant 500ml

SP-90 Silicone Lubricant 500ml by actioncan

SP-90 is a precision silicone-based general-purpose lubricant. The “dry” film provides an even coverage and maximum lubrication without staining. A highly versatile product that is an excellent ...

£8.38 High Stock Levels

Supertrol Anti-Rust Fluid 500ml

Supertrol Anti-Rust Fluid 500ml by actioncan 5 out of 5 stars

Supertrol® is a heavy-duty anti-rust fluid that displaces atmospheric and surface moisture on contact. Powerful, penetrating performance, coating the surface thoroughly giving even coverage and ...

£11.21 High Stock Levels

DM-90 Dry Moly Lubricant 500ml

DM-90 Dry Moly Lubricant 500ml by actioncan

DM-90 is an extreme pressure, resin-bonded, dry film lubricant containing a high Molybdenum Disulphide content. When applied to metal surfaces the Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2/”Moly”) provides a ...

£19.58 High Stock Levels

DRY PTFE TwinSpray 500ml

DRY PTFE TwinSpray 500ml by actioncan

Dry PTFE is a durable lubricant containing pure PTFE to produce superior dry ‘slide’ results. Suitable for use as a release agent, preventing other materials from bonding or to minimise wear and ...

£10.52 High Stock Levels

CT-90 Cutting & Tapping Fluid TwinSpray 500ml

CT-90 Cutting & Tapping Fluid TwinSpray 500ml by actioncan

CT-90, the ultimate 4-in-1 versatile cutting lubricant makes metal working easier when cutting, tapping, drilling and reaming. High-performance metal cutting lubricant for use on all tough metals ...

£9.39 High Stock Levels

RP-90 Rapid Penetrating Oil TwinSpray 500ml - TS

RP-90 Rapid Penetrating Oil TwinSpray 500ml - TS by actioncan

RP-90 is a professional grade penetrating oil, with MoS2 (“moly”). Fast acting, it quickly releases the toughest seized and most corroded threaded fasteners and fixings. Excellent penetration into ...

£6.44 High Stock Levels

Latest actioncan Product Reviews

Supertrol Anti-Rust Fluid 500ml

Supertrol Anti-Rust Fluid 500ml 5 stars 5 out of 5

Great product

I’ve had a can of Supertrol for years and always found it to be an exceptional product. It protection formula last for a long time and gives high level protection. I’ve now replaced my old spray with a new one. The service from Yourspares was very good with a clear easy to use website.

by James

Website Reviews

5 stars
8 Aug


Arrived next day. Can ask for a better service. Will use again Read more


5 stars
3 Aug

Smart card

Excellent service,no problems and gave me a quick refund. se Read more


5 stars
3 Aug

Goblin 1100

Thanks for the hoover bags i haven`t tryed them yet still have old bag on, happy with the service Read more


5 stars
28 Jul

Great service

Good product, matches the original exactly, good price too. Delivery long before promised. Thank Read more


5 stars
26 Jul

Miele vacuum bags

Vacuum bags arrived several days earlier than promised. As I was donating the vacuum to charity I Read more


5 stars
25 Jul

Vacuum head

Easy to order delivery was quick and very pleased with my tool brush for vacuum Read more


5 stars
5 Jul

Chest Freezer Hinges

Exactly what l needed ..Paid my money , and goods were delivered exactly when they said they would Read more


5 stars
5 Jul

Universal Cooker Knobs

Service was BRILLIANT. THANK YOU. Sent missing part immediately. Read more


5 stars
28 Jun

Excellent catalogue & detail

Easy to find required parts Read more


5 stars
28 Jun

Spare not needed yet

Looks identical so should do the job when needed. Read more


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